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Brisket Case

Releasing The Gourmet Beast since 2018

-   ABOUT US  -

We are a family business based out of Nanton, Alberta. We originally started Brisket Case in 2018 as a small side business to help organizations with their fundraisers. We would assist them with standard meat sale fundraisers, as well as raffle packs. When Covid-19 started around March 20 we began to notice some great deals coming through some of our suppliers. So we decided to start putting these products on our Facebook page and making them available to our customers. We recognized very quickly that there is a huge need for a door to door delivery service of food. Not only being able to save our customers money but also saving them trips to the grocery stores. So we opened the website and started taking orders through the website and delivering to South Calgary and all the way down to Nanton.As demand began to grow we found ourselves not only working our full-time day jobs but also putting in 5 to 8 extra hours a night on Brisket Case. As a family business Geoff and I would work on the logistics, Grandpa would deliver and our teenagers Gavin and Claire  would assist with deliveries and logistics. Then my sister Karen and brother Kris and sister-in-law Jess all got laid off due to COVID-19. This enabled us to expand our delivery routes and help them by hiring them to deliver to their neighbourhoods. For sure there have been growing pains as demand increased and logistics were still being worked out. I have to keep reminding myself that this has only been going for about 4 weeks time, it’s been a whirlwind! Well as of yesterday Geoff too got laid off from his full-time job, due to COVID-19. As unfortunate as this is, we are grateful for Brisket Case and everyone who has supported our little business over the last month. This also means Geoff will be able to focus and work on Brisket Case full-time and hopefully have more work life balance.Thank you again to all of our customers, it truly has been our pleasure to be able to offer this service to you. We look forward to continuing to offer more great products to you and if you are looking for a specific product let us know and we maybe able to find it for you. Our business model is keep it simple. No extra charges. Quality products in their case, so no handling. No contact . Safe deliveries direct to your door. Thank  you again from Jen, Geoff, Gavin, Claire and David.

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