Just add your favourite lager, ale, or kombucha, some melted butter and you’ve created yourself a loaf of our latest and greatest homestyle, nostalgic product. Deliciously decadent, the Jensen’s Homestead Beer Bread can be enjoyed as is or kicked up a notch with some unique recipe variations. We recommend Rosemary Garlic, Jalapeno Cheddar, or try Rosehip Kombucha…for more recipes and ideas, check out our recipes page. Serve the beer bread warm with more butter or try it toasted with some preserves. It’s a cozy, comfort food that is sure to be a hit on those chilly winter evenings.

Jensen's Homestead Beer Bread Mix

  • Introducing our Jensen’s Homestead Beer Bread Mix!! WHY a different label!? Well…..we want to create products that align with ALL aspects of our life and our future! As our littles move through their teen years in lightening speed, we are evaluating our next steps. We endeavour to have no empty nest feelings as we continue to birth new ideas and rebirth some stuff we had to put on hold. The Quarter Circle 7K in our logo is an Agricultural brand in our family passed onto Trevor (my husband) and this product is just one of many to come that we will “plough” forward with when we move back to the family farm to establish our roots!

    This mix is blended from an old fashioned, traditional recipe we have developed and used for years for our own personal use. Beer Bread is not a new concept by any stretch and  like some things from the past, it deserves to shine through the eras! Our standard size mixes make a perfect pantry staple for memorable moments or to brighten ordinary days. We encourage you to savour and not save them! 

    While the standard instructions for making our Beer Bread calls for butter and beer, either of these ingredients can be replaced with choice alternatives (butter substitute, non-alcoholic beer, club soda or kombucha to name a few) according to desired diet or to accommodate most dietary restrictions. Please see our FAQ page for suitable replacement ideas. 

    Our mixes are blended in a certified, Alberta regulated and CIFA licensed kitchen space. While we do our best to restrict cross contamination, this kitchen does process products that contain nuts, spices and seeds. Caution is urged. 

  • Ingredients: enriched unbleached flour, granulated sugar, baking powder, salt.